Rudolf Laban – life, teaching and choreography

  • Anastasia Vilchkovskaya Uniwersytet Jana Kochanowskiego w Kielcach
Keywords: Rudolf Laban, expressive gymnastics, schoolchildren, physical education, music


The article analyzes life and body of work of the famous choreographer and teacher Rudolf Laban – the author of the concept of expressive gymnastics, which was a kind of protest against the conservative methodical requirements in structure of the content of physical education classes in secondary schools. The purpose of the research is to analyze the life course and creative activity of choreography of the teacher R. Laban. Research methods: analysis of literature from pedagogy, theory and methods of physical education and choreography. The results of the study. The expressive concept made by R. Laban basically contains the creative motor improvisation of students. It will give the teacher a wide opportunity in choosing physical and dance exercises, outdoor games and musical works. Their implementation stimulates activity and improvisation in motor activity in children, effectively influences the development of aesthetic feelings, from coordination of  move­ments, combines its actions with a partner and a group. Sense of movement body weight, space, time. ect- all of those parts are being develpped. Conclusion. During his 79-years period of his life Rudolf Laban made a significant contri­bution to the development of art, pedagogy and ergonomics. His enthusiasm, energy and creativity in all areas of activity: choreography, directing, pedagogy, physical education made it possible to develop and test in practice original approaches in these areas of people. Therefore the innovative  scientific and practical heritage of L. Laban is relevant in our time.


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