Evaluation of Patients and Quality of Life in Practical Activities of Physical Therapy

  • Olga Andriychuk Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University
  • Natalia Graida Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University
  • Tatiana Masikova Volyn Regional Hospital of Veterans of War
Keywords: pain, quality of life, MOSSF-36 questionnaire, rehabilitation


Actuality of theme. The level of quality of life is a defining indicator, the increase of which  is focused be specialists in various industries. A special place belongs to physical therapists who work directly with the participants of hostilities in the east of Ukraine (patients), who are undergoing treatment and rehabilitation. Among traditional methods of therapeutic influence, there is a proper place belonged to correction of external factors, which have a negative impact on the personal perception of opportunities for life. Purpose. To determine the features of individual factors` influence on the subjective assessment of pain intensity impact in the overall structure of quality of life. Methods of Research. Analysis and generalization of data from the Medical Outcomes Study Short Form 36 (MOS SF–36 questionnaire). Work Results. The study involved 110 men who underwent treatment and rehabilitation after participating in hostilities in the east  of  Ukraine. The average age of patients was 37,09±9,95 years. All individuals independently responded to the proposed MOS SF–36 questionnaire. According to the obtained data, we analyzed the pain intensity index (Bodily pain – BP) and its impact on the quality of life. Thus, the average value of pain intensity in the overall structure of quality of life – 45,68±1,87 points. Studying the factors that could make adjustments to the perception of pain intensity in the ability to perform the usual work, we found that with age, the BP increases its negative impact on the quality of life (correlation coefficient R= -0,207). Also, there is a correlation between the studied index and the number of children in the family and marital status (single, married, divorced). Statistical analysis revealed linear negative correlations (R=-0,202 and Tau=-0,139). There was no correlation  between  the  PB and the place of residence, the level of education.


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Therapeutic physical training, sports medicine and physical rehabilitation