Characteristics of Anthropological and Force Indicators of Sportsmonok Various Qualification in the Ridge on the Baidark

  • Vladimir Davydov Polessky State University
  • Vladimir Shantarovich
  • Dmitry Prigodich Polessky State University
Keywords: rowing, kayak, morphofunctional indices


Topicality. Morphological features of man - one of the genetically predetermined factors, most fully and clearly determines the individual specificity, allowing to assess a person’s capabilities in a particular sport. Record achievements are demonstrated by those who have the most optimal morphofunctional data. The aim of work was to investigate the anthropological and power indexes of sportswomen of different qualification in rowing on kayaks. Material and Methods of Research. A total of 136 sportswomen were surveyed. Of these, athletes of high qualification – 57 people. Age of subjects aged 13 to 26 years. The comprehensive examination included anthropometric measurements of total, longitudinal, transverse body dimensions, diameters, girths, partial body dimensions, and analysis of components of body composition. Results. When comparing the indicators of the anthropological survey, it was revealed that the greatest length and weight of the body, the circumference of the chest and the absolute surface of the body were noted by athletes of the elite, and the least indicators were noted at the athletes of the second grade. With age and advanced training, total dimensions and indicators of absolute and relative muscle mass increase, which is due to age-related changes and the influence of rowing classes at athletes. Analysis of the components of the weight composition of athletes showed that with increasing age and athletes’ qualifications, the fat mass declines. There is also an increase in the circumferential dimensions of the body, the kayak strength indicators. Conclusions. Morphofunctional indices of athletes of different qualification groups engaged in kayaking rocks were studied. It is revealed that with the increase of qualification there is an increase in muscle and a decrease in fat mass. It is noted that the greatest morphofunctional indicators are athletes of the elite group: Honored masters of sports and masters of sports of international class. The model characteristics of athletes-kayaks developed by us, differing qualifications from the honored masters of sports to the second level, can be used for selection and sport orientation in the dam at various stages of preparation and control of the dynamics of the morphofunctional state in the annual training cycle.


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