Social Responsibility in Activityof Fitness Clubs in Ukraine

  • Liubov Chekhovska Lviv State University of Physical Culture
Keywords: social responsibility, sports mass events, fitness club


Topicality. Social responsibility encourages different organizations to take into account the interests of society, consumers, workers, and communities. In the modern world, social responsibility of business is a generally accepted rule, which is followed by most organizations. Caring for human health should be the mission of every physical culture organization. The purpose is to analyze the activities of «FitCurves» and «SportLife» fitness club networks of their social responsibility. Methods of research: theoretical analysis and generalization of scientific literature, sources and information of the World Internet, documentary method. Results. In Ukraine, the fitness industry is represented by functioning of 1419 clubs. They need to have a steady reputation to maintain leading positions in the market. It is possible to achieve this through the conscious formation of own positiveimage. The «FitCurves» fitness club network, which has been operating in the fitness market for morethan 11 years, regularly carries out social and charitable activities. The «FitCurves» social projects are developingin 5 directions: women, family, health, environment and charity. The «FitCurves» fitness club network has been awarded in statusbadge «A sign of social responsibility». In Ukraine the “SportLife” network is the largest specialized corporation with 17 own enterprises.«FitCurves» is regularly engaged in social and charity activities. «Sport Life» network also pays a significant part of its income to finance a variety of physical and sport events. There were from 80 to 9000 participants. Conclusions. Ukraine should promote and create stimulus for social responsibility, provide legal conditions for social investment, flexible tax policies in relation to philanthropic organizations. «FitCurves» and «Sport Life» fitness clubs maintain their positive image through a civilized business and adhere to the principles of social responsibility to preserve the leading positions of the fitness club network. That is why the largest number of fitness clubs arein cities of Ukraine.


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