• Iryna Malyarenko Kherson State University
  • Olha Kolcova Kherson State University
  • Borys Kedrovskiy Kherson State University
  • Katerina Kostrikova Kherson State University
Keywords: Olympic Movement, Olympism, Olympic education, conception, education


Modern Olympism is a powerful public sporting movement, which has unlimited possibilities for the propaganda of the ideas of humanism, internationalism and morality. Special attention in the athletic development of population is paid to pedagogical technologies in physical culture, especially in educating young generation. One of effective approaches in forming public consciousness of the young generation is the integration of the Olympic education into educational process through introduction the Olympic ideology. The ideals of Olympism are tools in education of moral, harmoniously developed personality, who adheres to the rules of fair play. Development and popularization of the modern Olympic movement among young people enable to decrease the amount of those who use alcohol, drugs, tobacco, by increasing persons’ interest in leading the sporting, healthy way of life. Thus, we will get fully educated generation of healthy young people, the future of nation. The social value of sport and Olympism is estimated on the basis of humanism. However, the use of the Olympic ideals in forming publicly conscious youth by the system of city out-of-school activities is not enough investigated in pedagogical theory. The problem has social and pedagogical value, which defines its actuality. The goal lies in scientifically grounded conception of the Olympic education in general educational establishments as an effective means of humanizing personalities. To teach children to the ideals and values of Olympism is possible by the method of purposeful gaining knowledge about the importance of going in for sports and the history of the Olympic movement. For this purpose the model of forming a harmonious personality, a tool for facilitating modern Olympism, and a way of performing one of the major tasks of community development was worked out. The implementation of the model has proved the importance of the city out-of-school activities which have a large educative potential, help in forming the value attitude toward the society, physical culture and sport. They also promote the increase in level of being informed about values and ideals of Olympism, that positively influence forming humanistic potential of a personality.

Author Biographies

Iryna Malyarenko, Kherson State University
Ph.D. in Physical Education and Sports, Associate Professor
Olha Kolcova, Kherson State University
Ph.D. in Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
Borys Kedrovskiy, Kherson State University
Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, Professor
Katerina Kostrikova, Kherson State University


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Malyarenko, I., Kolcova, O., Kedrovskiy, B., & Kostrikova, K. (2017). MODEL OF FORMING PUBLIC CONSCIOUSNESS TO THE MODERN OLYMPIC MOVEMENT. Physical Education, Sport and Health Culture in Modern Society, (3(39), 82-87.
Historical, philosophical, juristic and organizational problems of physical culture