Plagiarism policy

The authors should guarantee that they have written entirely original  paper, and if the authors have used a paper and / or the words of other authors, references must be given or they must be properly marked in the text.

Plagiarism takes many forms, from passing the other people’s papers off as their own to copying or paraphrasing substantial parts of someone else's paper (without references), and the assertion of the rights to the results obtained in the researches done by others. Plagiarism in all its forms predetermines improper conduct in publishing and is unacceptable.

Submission of the same manuscript to more than one edition at the same time predetermines improper conduct in publishing and is unacceptable.

Authors should not submit the articles published before to any other journal.

It is necessary to properly define the papers of other scholars. Authors must provide references to the publications that have influenced the content of the given paper.