Peer review process

The manuscripts received by Editorial office take double blind review. Reviewers are given a manuscript without author (authors) name. The author does not know the names of the reviewers.

 The following items should be outlined in the review:

  • The conformity of  the content of the article with its topic;
  • The conformity of the article with modern scientific and theoretical principles;
  • The simplicity of language and style , comprehensible tables and pictures;
  • The benefits and drawbacks of the article; the corrections should be made by the author(s);
  • The decision on publication of the article: “recommended”, “recommended with errors and shortcomings correction”, “not recommended”.

 The reviews are certified in the established order.

 In case of rejection the Editorial board sends a justified refusal to the author(s).

 “Not recommended”  articles are not accepted for the second review. The text of a negative review is sent to the author(s) by email or regular mail.

The final decision on the article publication is taken by the Editorial board.

The Executive Secretary informs the author(s) about the decision and determines the time of the publication. The original reviews are saved in the Editorial board.  
Reviewer Profile (download).

Publication Frequency

  • The articles submitted to the Editorial Board are reviewed within 3 months
  • The Editorial Board has the right to send the article for additional review.
  • The Editorial Board has the right to the literary editing of the article and if it is necessary to edit it scientifically requesting the author.
  • The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject the article that fails to meet the requirements or the remit of the journal.
  • In case of the rejection of the article the Editorial Board gives the author a well-grounded decision.
  • The authors receive notification of receipt papers within 3 days. The author is informed about the results of the review in a month after registration.
  • The Editorial Board presents the author with a free copy of the journal containing the published article.
  • The articles are accepted before 1st September  (№ 1), 1st June (№ 2), 1st September (№ 3), 1st December (№ 4)