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Author Guidelines

The research papers are reviewed by the members of the editorial board of the journal or external independent experts in compliance with the principle of objectivity, and on the basis of  international academic quality standards.

 1.    While writing an article the following requirements should be met:

✓      the article title should be concise, clear, reflect its content, be without abbreviations (up to 10 words);

✓   the styles of scientific report or scientific-popular article should be avoided;

✓   rhetorical questions are not advisable; preference should be given to narrative sentences;

✓   all references are presented at the beginning of the article; its main content presents the author’s view points;

✓   the article should have simple structure (without division into sections and subsections!).

2.    Article structure: UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) index; in the right corner of the page – first and last names of the author, email; in the middle – title of the article, name of the educational establishment, city, annotation/references (max. 240-250 words), key words in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

 Simple sentences, syntactic constructions peculiar to scientific style should be used in the annotation. No acronyms, abbreviations, general phrases and repetitions of the article title are appropriate. The following phrases are desirable at the beginning of the sentences: it is examined, it is established, it is displayed, it is analyzed, it is carried out, it is proven, etc.

 The references/annotation should be independent from the article (source of information), and be enable to define its main idea.

The references/annotation should be written in accordance with the international standards and include the following subheadings:

✓   first and last names of the author, article title, place of work;

✓   novelty;

✓   tasks of the paper;

✓   method or methodology of carrying out the  research (can be given in case it has  novelty or is interesting from the perspective of the scientific paper; data sources and ways of their processing are given in experimental papers );

✓   results of the research (the main theoretical and experimental results are given, stated   correlations and regularities are presented)

✓   conclusions (recommendations, estimation, proposals, hypotheses described in the article may be added);

✓   key words: (5-6) (they reflect the main content of the article, scientific domain, topic, and are given in the nominative case). (The papers are searched in databases by means of the key words).

The following information is given in the English annotation: first and last names of the author (transliteration); title of the article (translation); address data of the author (name of an establishment/institution, address of an organization, city, country); annotation (max./app. 240-250 words) in compliance with the article timeline and subheadings as in the Ukrainian annotation; key words.

The English annotation should be written in the accurate English language. The use of machine translation is not allowed.

The author(s) from foreign country(ies) writes annotation(s) in Russian and English.

  3. Main text of the article

The editorial board accepts the scientific articles for publication if they include the results of theoretical or experimental research and contain the following parts:

✓    Introduction (The problem and its correlation with  the important scientific or practical task are set, the analysis of the  recent  researches is carried out; the  foregrounding of previously uninvestigated issues of the general problem, that is solved in the article, is done).

✓    Goal of the research (The realization of the goal lies in  solving  the problem or getting information about it. The goal is aimed at the final result, the  tasks are set in the form of questions  to which the answers are given. The definition of the goal presupposes the use of  such words as to establish, to discover, to develop, to prove, etc).

✓   Material and methods of the research (The number, age, sports qualification of the people involved in the experiment, conditions, duration and succession of it are specified; the choice of methods which are used in the research is briefly justified).

✓    Results of the research. Discussion.  The basic material of the reseach with full-grounded  scientific results is presented (The results of the research with obligatory statistic data processing should be presented in tables, graphs, diagrams. Data given in them should be substantial, complete, accurate. Title of the table, name of the graph or diagram should match their content. It is unacceptable to describe the tables and graphs in words. The results of the research must be analyzed. It is worth drawing  parallels with the data, obtained by other foreign and native scholars).

✓    Conclusions and prospects for further research (The brief summary of the results of the research, comprehension and generalization of the topic are given. The conclusions should be laconic, concise, reasonable, relevant to the research topic and result from the main content of the paper).

✓    References (Max. 20 points of reference per each position should be made in the text of the article; Internet-references should be accompanied by full specific URL links; they should have sufficient number of recent (for the last five years) references that reflect the problem of the study. The list should contain research papers issued in the Ukrainian and foreign scientific journals (up to 50 per sent), including those published in the periodical “Physical Education, Sport, and Health Culture in Modern Society”. The data given must meet the requirements of the State Standards of Ukraine 7.1:2006. The references within the text should be put in square brackets, separating one from anothere by semicolon, as in the example [3; 4; 6; 8; 12; 15].$

The List of References goes under the main list of literature.

The List of References should be given in English  in accordance with the international style APA (American Psychological Association) ((http://australianhelp.com/citationhttp://www.bibme.org/citation-guide/apa/http://www.citationmachine.net/apa/cite-a-book). The information is transliterated in compliance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 27.01.2010 № 55 (http://zakon2.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/55-2010-%D0%BF) (for the Ukrainian language) or the requirements of BGN/PCGN (for the Russian language).

Detailed requirements of Reference List formation are given on the website of the journal http://sport.eenu.edu.ua.

4. While preparing the articles, please, meet the following requirements:

Subject of email letter and  the file name of the article: Author’s last/family name_Article.

Languages of the publication – Ukrainian, Russian, Polish (by choice) and English (obligatory).

Volume /length of the article is 8-12 pages  including tables, schemes and pictures, A4 paper format, Word Editor 97-2003, informat *.doc., with a 14 point body, with Times New Roman font type, observing 1,5 space between lines ( 1 space in tables), landscape layout of pages, without hyphenation.

Annotation and key words – Times New Roman, 12  point body.

Margins: left –3 cm, right –1 cm, top and bottom –2 cm, alignment – horizontal.

You should differentiate between dash (–) and hyphen (-).

 The parts of the text that require highlighting are underlined; the definition of words are put in dtouble quotes.

The amount of table material and illustrations should be appropriate. Figure material is presented in a table and has a sequence number, and right-side alignment (for example, Table 1): a name (printed  in bold over the table in the middle, for example: Evaluation of students according to the level of their physical activity). The text of the table is printed with Times New Roman font type, a 12 point body, observing 1 space between lines; landscape layout.

The picture should be a single graphic object (grouped). It is necessary to submit an Excel file (97-2003) for the pictures made in Excel program. The pictures should be numbered; they should have titles that are given outside a graphic object (for example, Picture 1. Dynamics of physical working capacity). Illustrative material must be contrasting, black and white; way of filling in diagrams - dashed. Formulas (with standard numbering) are /formatted in Microsoft Equation Editor. Captions added to pictures and formulas should be available for editing. All graphic objects shouldn’t be scanned.

The article requirements,the latest issues of the journal, the archives and various information – at the webpage of the journal: http://sport.eenu.edu.ua.

If the article doesn’t meet the mentioned above requirements or its scientific level is insufficient – the Editorial board doesn’t accept it for publishing.

With other questions and for more detailed information, please, contact the Executive Secretary Indyka Svitlana (work phone +380332-24-21-78; mobile phone +38066-48-30-600).

For timely information we ask you to send the Author's Information (look below), and a digital picture of the author(s) for publication in the column “Our Authors”.



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